GRaduate Student Association Council Mandate

Welcome Graduate Students!


Hi there!

Hello and congratulations in embarking on a graduate program at the University of Lethbridge. The Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) represents the common thread linking the diverse array of graduate programs offered at the U of L and the GSA works to serve to benefit students of all disciplines. As the GSA President, I will advocate for graduate students in all available forums, aim to ensure that graduate students are equipped to succeed in their current programs, and have the networking resources to confidently take the next steps in their careers. The dynamic nature of the GSA (both executive and council members), representing many faculties across the U of L, enables us to successfully implement events & opportunities tailored to the needs of you – the graduate students for which we advocate! I look forward to actively engaging graduate students across campus to ensure that the GSA has a thorough understanding of where its efforts should be focused to ensure that the ever-changing needs of graduate students are met. The unique nature of graduate student life can present itself with novel challenges and through the use of social, practical, and economical-themed events, the GSA aims to support students in navigating and succeeding throughout graduate school. Our organization rests on three pillars that form and drive our vision; sustainability, advocacy, and engagement, through which we work to support and advocate for graduate students at both local and provincial levels. 

On that note, I would like to introduce the GSA Executive for 2019/2020:

Lauren Zink, President

Nathir Haimoun, Vice President Student Life

Annabella Ansah, Vice President Finance

We, along with our council representatives; Kelsey Berg, Suzanne Chmilar, Nathan Hill, Rachel Stark, Yvonne Tiger, Justin Miller, Akalanka Galappaththi, Johura Begum, Anna Sarkissova and Wael Nasser are looking forward to an influential year in which we aim to increase engagement with graduate students who's programs take them off-campus and ensure that students are aware of the plethora of services offered by the GSA. 


We welcome each of your comments, opinions, and insights regarding how we can improve your graduate student experience and the GSA. As such, we encourage you to contact us through email or stopping by our office in Markin Hall. I look forward to connecting with each of you and hope to see you all at upcoming GSA events - stay tuned to our social media accounts for details!