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We've had some huge changes legislatively to how our organization is run. With the changes to the Post-Secondary Learning Act (PSLA) as of May 2017, the Graduate Students' Association was required to create a union representing academically employed graduate students that is approved by the Labour Relations Board of Alberta (Sections 95-2.1). As of April 2018, our bylaws were approved by the Labour Relations Board, making us the first GSA in the province to become a union. As the Labour Relations Committee, our job is to serve academically employed graduate students in navigating their contract with the University or PI, acting on your behalf in disputes and collective bargaining.


We are here to serve you. If you have questions or comments do not hesitate to email or submit a suggestion using the below link. Provided, are links for you to download the collective agreement, as well as ways to submit a grievance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the collective agreement?

A: The collective agreement (CA) is the contract between academically employed graduate students and the University of Lethbridge.


Q: What is an academically employed graduate student?

A: At the University of Lethbridge we defined an academically employed graduate student as a student who is employed by the university to perform professional work in support of the University's teaching or research mandate, professional work in support of strategic initiatives or projects of any University unit. There are three types of academic employment a student can receive, all termed a Graduate Assistant. Those are: Graduate Assistant Teaching, Graduate Assistant Non-Teaching, and Graduate Assistant Research.


Q: What are the ways I can get paid as a student?

A: As a graduate student you may receive a GA Teaching or Non-Teaching, these are contracts with the university that support professional development. Typically students receive a GA Teaching and are assigned to assist in with the teaching of undergraduates. A GA Research is provided to a graduate student from a PI to perform work that IS NOT related to the students thesis work. If your PI would like to pay you to perform your own thesis work they can pay you a stipend. Lastly, graduate students are able to work jobs outside the university at their discression, but these jobs are not considered academic employment and do not fall under the perview of the CA.


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Rachel Stark

Chair of the Labour Relations Committee

Ex-officio Vice President Labour