GSA Governance


Strategic Plan 2017-22

The purpose of this strategic plan is to provide three pillars for the current and future councils to build on over the next five years. The strategic plan should be reviewed annually to ensure the viability and efficacy of the pillars. It is expected that these three pillars will provide broad frameworks for councils to form their own operational goals on an annual basis.

The pillars are meant to provide some guidance and direction for the GSA Executive and Council; they are meant to inspire, challenge and encourage as the years progress. The pillars should provide the GSA Executive and Council with the basis for setting achievable operational goals.


It is imperative the Graduate Students’ Association has systems, policies, and processes to ensure the long-term organizational and financial health of the association. The GSA council and executive will remain committed to actively seeking out and fostering new and innovative ways to keep the GSA sustainable for now and in the future. This will requires maintenance of existing structures and expanding and building new ways to promote that health. Sustainability also means actively diversifying sources of sponsorship and income, and creating a plan to continue to save for the financial future of the GSA.


The GSA will be committed to providing services, events, and information that will energize and engage all graduate students at the University of Lethbridge. The Council and executive must be committed to playing an active role in engaging with graduate students to find out what they need and require from their GSA. The GSA must pursue an active role in the recruitment and promotion of events and services and be willing to listen and learn from the students they are meant to be serving.



The GSA must be, and remain committed to, constant and continuous advocacy for their graduate students. This advocacy must be at all levels of administration from individual faculties to school, to the university and upwards to all levels of municipal, provincial, and federal government. The GSA must actively be involved in the promotion of graduate student needs, and always be a voice for the collective with the administration of the institution and the province.